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Volatility means opportunity

The Manager is not subject to the supervision of the Czech National Bank

The Offer is intended exclusively for qualified investors

We Are Your
 Comfort Zone
In Times Of

The investment strategy responds dynamically to current events in global markets by rebalancing a portfolio of a wide range of assets in the form of ETFs, Stocks, and Futures daily.

The best candidates are selected by our A.I. Management Unit.

Don't Pay Unfair Fees

New fund means new opportunities.

Low fees program.  

Brand VIP

We are not for the masses. The investment strategy has capital limits.

Be Uncorrelated

The long-term correlation with the S&P 500 is only 20%.

Machine learning

Data science

is our key approach.

A.I. Adaptive 
as a Game-changer

Our artificial intelligence is systematically beating the markets.

Allocates capital to all available sectors.

It looks for opportunities where they exist.

Adaptation is the basis of evolution and development. Our investment strategy has the same qualities.


Strategy beats stock indices systematically and makes attractive returns

As of February 28, 2023, the strategy has 14.97% p.a. in EUR net of all fees. We beat the US S&P 500 by 14.57% since we launched the strategy in May 2021. 

A.I. Investment Strategy for Your Comfort


Return p.a. in EUR


Performance fee


Entry fee


Correlation w. S&P 500


Beating S&P 500

The biggest mistake is to think that history does not repeat itself. Protect your capital in a recession.

We are witnessing a change in the economic cycle. Simple buy and hold strategies are not working at the moment. 

The solution is dynamic asset management, which we offer.

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