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Petr Tmej

Co-founder, CEO

Comfort Zone Investments a.s.

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I like to create scientific projects that come up with exceptional solutions and are firmly based on unquestionable facts. After all, that was my primary motivation for co-founding the alternative fund Comfort Zone Investments a.s.

My lifelong motivation has been to build a unique, fully automated investment strategy that will bring comfort to clients. I'm glad we're succeeding.

From my first interactions with the financial markets, I understood how volatile they can be. I was fascinated by the possibility of grasping their instability scientifically. The financial markets are nothing more than a reflection of our innermost emotions:

By quantifying irrational fears and endless greed, we create tightly grasped mathematical models that we apply to financial markets in the form of algorithmic trading. I am a data engineer by blood but a trader and manager by sweat.

At our company, we carefully test everything on thousands of time series of individual stocks, ETFs or futures markets and translate it into practice through advanced executions and diversified portfolio trading.

The ultimate goal is then to beat the financial markets and, of course, competing funds in terms of returns and stability.

This is a big challenge, but where there is no challenge, there is no progress.

My skills include:

- Algorithmic trading

- Robustness testing, advanced statistical testing, randomization

- Experience managing millions of dollars

- Risk management

- Portfolio diversification

- Managing a team of data engineers

- Vision and execution

- Positive approach to people 



Doctor's Degree

Linköping University



Master's Degree

Technical University of Ostrava, Czechia


Bachelor's Degree

Technical University of Ostrava, Czechia

Application of statistical processes in practice

Theory of probability and statistics

Quality management

Quality management

More advanced methods of statistical process control

Special statistical methods

Management planning

Theory of probability and statistics


+420 725 404 694

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